Friday, July 16, 2010

When Life Gives You Lemons...

Bless me father, for I have sinned. It has been six days since my last post...

I hadn't said anything sacrilegious in a while so I figured it was about time. It is not a great piece of blasphemy but bear with me as I am rusty and bound to get better.

Moving on to more important things, the Sons of Pitches have not had a game in several weeks. First, a holiday, July 4th, interfered with the game. The week after that, the weather had turned the terrain unplayable and the two games we had that day were cancelled. This leaves the SOPs with an 0-2 record. We have a game on Sunday so let's hope we do well.
For those of you that helped name Dirty Willie, I must say that I am satisfied with the name and the more I live with it, the more I like it. I think it suits her and that she appreciates it. It may not be indicative of a prim and proper lady, but those kind of ladies hardly ever have any fun and DW is all about fun. I have a feeling that if she could speak, her lexicon would be composed of curse and risque words which would reflect her libertine take on life. In short, I like her more with this persona than when she used to be a tabula rasa that even failed to properly portray her gender. I shall keep you posted on the many adventures that D-Dub will undoubtedly have.

About The Unwanted, they are gone! Last Saturday night, as I watched rent and enjoyed a few cherry vodka sours, my mom asked me to come help her find bus tickets for The Unwanted as they were wanting to leave the next morning. I happily obliged and, come Sunday morning, I even drove them to the bus station in Dallas myself. I believe that was actually the most time I spent with them at once, the forty-five minute drive to the Dallas station. It appears that not spending long, extended periods of time with them was a good idea for in that short span of time I was ready to pull over and leave those kids stranded in the middle of the road. Fortunately, I did not and thus The Unwanted are back at their own home, away from me.
I have been meaning to write for a couple of days but I was unable as I was house-sitting and dog-sitting for a friend of mine. Although I had internet access and my laptop with me, I never had any time to write as I was too busy watching movies in her awesome theater room. On top of that, she gave me some money for helping her. I wisely spent part of this money buying a digital camera and the picture you will see later in the post would not be there if it weren't for my friend's generosity. I am now going to review the rest of the post, as it had been pre-written a week before it was posted, and I am gonna try and fix any incongruities. I apologize for any mistakes that may slip through. Now, on to the post.

This actually happened a few months back. It might have actually happened before I started this blog. I know I sent a text message to a lot of my friends and even posted a comment on facebook about it when it first happened. I think it's now time to share it with the world.

I work at a front desk with a clear view of the outside through the clear glass doors.  In fact, thanks to my new camera, the image above is what I see out my front door. I get really bored and usually just sit there looking for things to amuse me. Unfortunately there is not much to see.  I have seen a cock or two lounging around our front lawn. (Of course, I mean roosters. I just thought the wordplay would be a nice touch.)  There has been a mangy, small, dirty dog, prancing around the flowerbeds and resting under the trees. I have seen spiders and other insects making a living out there as well. I have even seen a homeless man open the cigarette butt container and look around the discarded old cigarettes looking for, and sometimes finding, something to smoke. Which reminds me, I have to stop him from doing that next time as he usually throws the useless butts on the ground instead of leaving them in the receptacle where he found them. Again, nothing too unusual. Usually.

On this particular day, I looked up and saw two brothers playing around. Not unusual at all, or so I thought. I wasn't paying much attention until I looked up and saw that one of the kids was walking on our lawn. Well, maybe not the lawn, as it was not the grass part he was walking on, but this kind of really low shrubbery type of plant that is part of our landscaping. I guess I should have looked up the name of said type of plant but that's too much work and I am lazy.  Still, since it is not really grass, people don't usually walk on it. Yet, this boy was walking through it in pursuit of his brother. Not a fast pursuit mind you. He was moving at about walking pace and had his arms outstretched before him. His brother, however, kept moving from place to place calling out to him. I could not understand what their game consisted of until the brother that was moving all around the place came close to the front door and I heard him shout, "Polo." I almost fell out of my chair when the reality of what was happening dawned on me. The kid in the weird landscaping lawn was blind and he and his brother were playing "Marco Polo." I could not stop laughing. I tried calling a few people so that they could come see what was happening but everyone was on the phone. I kept staring at the events unfolding right outside the door and kept seeing the blind boy trying to find his brother. The brother, meanwhile, kept moving around so that the blind kid kept having to walk on all kind of weird surfaces, like the weird lawn thing he was on. He also kept calling his brother from behind a tree to try to make him walk into one. I secretly kind of hoped the blind kid would have walked into a tree because it would have been hilarious. Unfortunately, and I am guessing this is because this was not their first time playing this particular game, the blind kid was too good to fall for it and walk into a tree.

To quote the comment I posted on facebook the day I saw this happen, "You haven't lived until you see a kid playing Marco Polo with his blind sibling on your front yard." This is proof that god, or whoever is in charge, has a sadistic and dark, yet hilarious, sense of humor. Talk about finding a silver lining, you know? I mean, if life gives you lemons, make lemonade. If life gives you blindness, play Marco Polo with your siblings anywhere. It's instant fun. This is proof that happiness is where you find it, as long as you don't mind what people think of you. Besides, laughter is a great thing to share and I can tell you for sure that those two kids made my day that day. Hope you enjoy the story as much as I did. Ciao.


Melanie said...

There's nothing wrong at all at laughing at that...I bet though that the little blind boy could find his brother everytime. He probably plays along to keep the game going. That is the silver lining right there! I have a blind friend who is a switchboard operator at the largest hospital in Orlando...that chick can work circles around me. Ever been jealous of a handicap? Should I add that to my list?? Damn.

Not Typical, Yet Fun said...

Melanie, I have been jealous of people in wheelchairs being given preferential treatment at amusement parks. After all, they are in a chair. They can wait just as long, if not longer, than those of us that have to wait standing up, right?

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