Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Random Thoughts and Other Things

I woke up this morning not feeling well so I had to call in to work. Yes, that made my weekend a four day weekend, but I did not enjoy not having to work since I was throwing up all morning. I am feeling better now but I felt like I had wasted my day and, in order to do something productive, I decided to write a post. Unfortunately, I really did not have anything to write about so I decided to take a page from Crazy Texas Mommy and do a post with just some random thoughts. I am unsure why she always tries to have her random days be Wednesday, but since I have no discipline and/or follow through on anything, I shall just post them when the mood strikes. So here are my random thoughts of the day:
  • It's kind of hard to be random on command. We'll see how this goes.
  • I spent several hours yesterday playing super nintendo. It was awesome.
  • My thumbs hurt today as a result of yesterday's super nintendo playing.
  • I am still planning on playing again later. Quitters never win.
  • I am thinking of writing a drunk post one day. I wonder if it will make much sense.
  • I just found out a couple of hours ago that I will not get paid for yesterday because I did not work today. It sucks.
  • My friend Preggo just found out she is having a girl.
  • She hasn't decided on a name for her yet so, until then, I am calling her "The Thing."
  • I would ask your assistance finding a name but I doubt she'll want to name her kid Wilhemina.
  • I am definitely sure that she would not like her baby daughter to be referred to as "Dirty Willie."
  • Or any kind of nickname with the word "Willie" on it.
  • Arrested Development is the best show ever!!!
  • Days off are just not the same since the Unwanted are here. Even hearing their voices ruins my day.
  • I just realized I suck at writing random posts. This may be my first and last.
  • Or maybe I will keep at it until I get good.
  • I don't have to decide now so I won't.
Well, I guess I did not have that much to say. Sorry for the crappy post. I feel bad even posting it but I already wrote it so I might as well. Hope you all can forgive me. For now, I gotta go because the nintendo is calling my name.


Trinity (of haiku tofu) said...

Haha, I think it was pretty good for a first random post. Your drunk texts are pretty good, so I'm sure a drunk post will be great.

Not Typical, Yet Fun said...

You are so sweet. You are so good for my self-esteem. I had no idea being random was so complicated. I still don't know if I will try it again, though I probably will. Thanks for your support! It means the world to me.

Candance said...

You did good w/the random. I'm proud!

Wednesday was random because that was the night I had class last semester. This semester, it'll be Tuesday.

Drunk posts are always good as long as you preface that you're drunk.

Anonymous said...

You know that I think that you are awesome!!! Amazing and wonderful!!!PS

Not Typical, Yet Fun said...

Candance, That's good to know. I thought there was some weird blogger conspiracy where people should just have random posts on Wednesdays. Now I can rest easy knowing I can write sucky posts whenever. Thanks for the nice comment, btw. It does mean the world to me that it was not as horrible as I thought it was.

PS, Thanks for the compliment. I would argue it but I can't as I am awesome, amazing and wonderful. You are ever so lucky to have me in your life. J/K. Thanks for reading. That is the biggest compliment I can ask for.

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