Saturday, April 24, 2010

Saturday Night Frostbite

Yet another uneventful Saturday night. What are my friends doing? Well, a myriad other things. Three are at a girls-only-martini night. One is stressing out about her upcoming move. One is being a good stepmother and watching movies with her kids. Another one is sitting in her back porch listening to the music of the Arts and Jazz Fest going on in Denton right now. Me? I am in bed watching the sixth season of Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

It is hard to write a blog when nothing really happens in your life. In a way I am thankful I have started this blog as it has made me be more adventurous so that I will have something to write about. For instance, yesterday I went to the Arts and Jazz Fest with some friends, and here is what happened:

In my search of things to do this weekend, I asked my friends T and K what their plans were for Friday night. Now, I have only known them for a couple of months and have only hung out with them about three or four times, but they are awesome people and I enjoy spending time with them. That is why when they said they were going to the festival, I was all psyched about it even though I don't really like jazz that much. Upon further discussion of our plans, it was mentioned that they were planning to ride their bicycles there. I thought I had a perfect out by saying that I did not own a bike, but they were ready for me. They had an extra bike. Last time I was on a bike that I remember, before yesterday, I was still in high school. Since I am in that "getting fit" kick I agreed to do so.

At about six, I pulled up in front of their house and after a few minutes of small talk, really good small talk, we started getting ready to leave. I must say I was really afraid of falling and or having the bike attack me as it used to attack Calvin from Calvin & Hobbes. I looked it up and down. Then K started talking to me about gears and the fear intensified. I don't know anything about gears. My bikes had always been the simple, gear-less ones. We set off and, since I was the least experienced rider, I was in the middle of the formation. It turns out that riding a bike is like riding a bike. It takes a little while to get back into it, but it is not that hard. Of course, I was not letting go of the handlebars or doing figure"8"s or taking my feet off the pedals, but I wasn't falling and that is always a plus. The ride down to the fest was 2.4 miles, we found out later, and I rode the grand majority of it except for this really steep hill that I knew I was not going to be able to do. Then again, a lot of it was downhill. I did learn to mess with the gears and I felt all pro and stuff. The ride there was beautiful and uneventful.

We left the bikes at The Cupboard and walked the few blocks to the fest. Once there we walked around and enjoyed some amateur glee-ish performances and some drums that were actually pretty cool. The food was deep fried and fattening, so of course it was good. The ATMs overcharged you every time you used them but that is what happens when you don't think ahead and are going to an outdoor festival. It was interesting trying to find vegetarian food since K and T are vegetarians. We had to settle for fries, tornado and butterfly, and cheese pizza. On top of that we had some watermelon and pineapple that T was smart enough to bring and considerate enough to share. Interestingly, I thought I hated pineapple. I have been avoiding pineapple for ages as I used to hate it as a kid but I loved it yesterday. Sometimes it pays off being adventurous. Now I know that there are worse things in the world than pineapple. Unfortunately, it started getting dark so we had to leave in order not to end up riding at night and risk getting run over. T & K were adamant about not getting run over.

We walked back to The Cupboard and started our trek back. We were going to be riding a different way than the one we had come since we were trying to avoid traffic. The ride back was a little over four miles. I would love to say that I rode the bike the whole way back. Sadly, halfway back I got a horrible leg cramp. It was horrible. Apparently, pain is no fun. On top of that, it was extremely embarrassing. They kept saying that I did not ruin their night, but we had to walk the rest of the way to their house. Honestly, how can a bike riding night not be ruined when you have to walk your way back? At least the weather was nice.

What did I learn from this ordeal? I have great friends. They are extremely supportive. I can't do everything that I think I can. If "No Pain, No Gain" is true, then it stands to reason that pain equals gain. Therefore, I must have gained a lot last night and, apparently, I am still gaining as the pain has not gone away. Will I give up? I don't think so. Despite the pain and the embarrassment and the holding my friends back, both T & K and my gym buddy, I feel good about doing this. Therefore, as long as I have people willing to put up with me, I shall continue embarrassing myself and feeling pain and holding my friends back.

I know this post is a bit scatterbrained. That's what happens when I have nothing else to do on a Saturday night. I seriously need to get a life, but when I went to the store, they had run out. I shall try to come up with more compelling stuff to write about. Until then, please bear with me.


Hillary said...

YEs!!! I am the first to comment!! Yay I am glad that you rode a bike to the Jazz fest!!! Man that sounds like an awesome time. And, more importantly it sounds like you are on a path towards good health. Keep up the good work :) Keep in mind these are the best years of your life :)

Not Typical, Yet Fun said...

Don't tell me that. If these are the best years of my life then I have nothing to look forward to. The best is still ahead. The best is still ahead. THE BEST IS STILL AHEAD. I have to convince myself of that.

Trinity (of haiku tofu) said...

The best IS still ahead!

I had a blast on Friday- I love hanging out with you. And it wasn't "a bike riding night", it was a "having fun" night. I am very adamant about not getting run over- you read me like a book :)

Let's hang out again soon!

Not Typical, Yet Fun said...

I had a blast as well. It was a memorable night, and not just because I still have that pain in my leg reminding me of it. We should hang out again soon. Remember, I have no life so whenever you wanna do something,just drop me a line.

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