Monday, April 12, 2010

Round and Round We Go

Apparently, my friends seem to think that I need to date more. How do I know that? Simple. They keep telling me so. The fact that it is my life and that I am not great at dating and that I have had horrible experiences in the past, does not matter to them.

So I could stand to date more. I will give them that but it's not like dating is fun. At least not for me, anyway. Consider my last three dates. There was sock-sandal guy, young-anorexic-model guy, and old-creepy guy. None of whom are remotely long term relationship material. For example, sock-sandal guy, who earned his nickname by wearing socks and sandals to every date we ever had. This includes our advent into the Dallas Symphony during which I had sock-sandal guy wearing jeans and sandals with socks to my left and a lady in a fur coat to my right. Fun? You tell me. Then there was young-anorexic-model guy who ate nothing but lettuce on our date and then chose Monsters vs Aliens as the movie afterwards. Did I mention he was 19 and was studying fashion merchandising because he wanted to be a model? Last, and maybe least though I am not sure yet, was old-creepy guy. Now, I don't mind dating older guys. Anyone who knows me knows that. This guy, however, kept lying about his age and kept getting older as the evening progressed. I had to cut the date short in fear that he might die before the evening was over. Not only that, but I am quite sure that he "self medicated" before our date as he seemed out of it and did not make much sense. That is not what made him creepy though. His creepy factor came when he kept leaning real close and kept asking me if I liked "being approached". Now, I still have no idea what that means or entails but I am fairly certain that it gave me the creeps. To top the evening off, as I was answering a friend's call outside the bar, I happened to look inside and saw him giving the bartender his number. Yes, I have had some great moments in my dating past.

Back to the present, or at least the near past, this weekend my friend decided that it would be a good thing if she tried to find me a date. Apparently, the perfect place to find a date for someone like me is Craigslist. Nothing really screams "long term relationship with serious guy who is not just looking for the next hook up" than Craigslist. I must admit I was intrigued at first. My friend pulled it up and in a few short minutes we were appalled by the ads that people post in there. I would be tempted to repeat what the names of the ads were, but I am really trying to keep this blog family friendly. Well... maybe not family friendly, but at least PG-13 as I know I have readers with high sensitivity. I must say looking through the ads was a rather fun experience. My friend and I did not know whether to be shocked, amused or grossed out by some of them. Also, some of the pictures those guys post in there just make you think that some people have no sense of shame. We did get a few laughs out of it but it made me realize that you must be pretty desperate to post an ad on the Craigslist personals.

Obviously, I posted an ad. I had to. I mean, I am kind of desperate. Or, at least, I think I am so I fit the criteria. So, to sum everything up, yes I am trying to date again. I have bounced back from being rejected for being "too big". Also, I guess I should not say I "bounced" if I am trying to convey a sense of non-fatness. I must choose my words more carefully.

About the whole body image theme, I did happen to weigh myself yesterday for fun and was not amused by what I discovered. Since the last time I weighed myself two years ago, I have gained 20 pounds. I must definitely do something about that. For starters, I am only eating mini candy bars instead of normal sized ones. I guess that won't really help since, although the serving size is smaller, I have upped my intake from zero candy bars to three mini ones in a day. I also plan to do some sort of exercise, starting tomorrow. Or the day after. Maybe next week, but definitely soon. Anyway, I need to do something to move my body from an "O" shape to an "l" shape. Then again, that may never happen and I am trying hard to fool myself into believing I am okay with that.

On the whole "looks" category, I have learned some people hate my picture with the green sweater so a friend from work took a picture of me today. It is the one displayed at the top of this post and if I get enough comments saying I should change the picture, I just might do that. Notice the non-commitment part of that statement saying that I "might" instead of saying I would do it. I guess I shall let you all, yes all 5 of you, decide. If this sounds as a hook to try to get you to leave a comment, it is. Comments make me happy. Anyway, I have rambled on too long and you probably know more about me than you ever wished to know. Good night.


Anonymous said...

so funny, love ya hon

Trinity (of haiku tofu) said...

I like both photos, but the new one is my fave. It shows your lovely face! You look like a nice, well-educated pharmacist at the CVS drive-thru window. Not really, I just had to get a drive-thru comment in there. :D

Screw people who reject you b/c you don't meet their standards of what you should look like. I love it when people just WORK what they got. So do that.

Also, eat the candy bars. But I do recommend moving, not to obsess about going from O to I, but just to feel good. Simply walking around does the trick.. I used to walk everywhere in college+ eat lots of french fries covered in melted cheese+drink many beers a night and i was a skinny little bitch.

whatever i'm talking too much, this is your blog after all. call me sometime. ps wish you had come to dinner tonight.

Not Typical, Yet Fun said...

I am so glad you are reading my blog. Especially because you leave comments. Thanks! I would totally call you, but I don't have your phone number. Also, I must admit I was uber-jealous of Nicole because she got to have dinner with you guys but I did not want to invite myself. You will have to invite me next time. Don't worry about writing too much, I appreciate the comments.

shutterbugg said...

I dont think u need to change your pic at all. I think u need to change where u live though. It sounds like ur a really great person. In fact, maybe too great for where u r living. Try an area with more dating material that u r looking for. San Francisco? It's a lovely place

Not Typical, Yet Fun said...

Shutterbug, I have thought of moving away from this area but, regardless of how much I talk about my family and how they rub me the wrong way, I can't think of living so far away from them. Call it being mexican or call it being too attached, the truth is that they are an important part of my life. Thanks for the nice comment about the picture though. It is greatly appreciated. About me sounding like a great person, well... we'll just have to fix that.

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