Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Reason Number 77 Why I Am Going to Hell

I realize I have not written a blog in a while. I have stuff to write, just not enough time to write it. I have found a simple solution. I will have some mini blog entries. These will be list of reasons why I am going to hell. Now, I have never kept track of all the reasons I have accumulated during my life, that is why I am starting with number 77. Especially since I am sure there have been more than 76 reasons in the past. Anyway, moving on to reason number 77.

I was sitting at my desk working on some forms that had been submitted. These forms have to be signed by every adult in the household. One of the forms had a note from a lady saying that her son was unable to sign the forms because he had color cancer. I understand the gravity of the situation, but my mind just kept wondering how exactly would colon cancer deter someone from being able to sign a form. After that, I was stuck with the mental image of a guy squatting over some paper with a pen stuck you-know-where trying to sign with his colon. I bust out laughing and thought the image was quite hilarious. Yes, I was sitting at my desk laughing at a poor guy with colon cancer and his struggling mother. I thus realized that was one more reason why I was going to hell and knew I would have to post it.

Well, till next time. I hope the next post will be a long post. If not, you will just learn about one more reason why I am going to hell.


Viv said...

This is too funny and SO true. Love it, maybe too much.

Kristin said...

I am certain I already know most of the reasons you are going to hell. However, reading your in-depth descriptions brings me much pleasure. Does this mean I am going to hell as well?

Not Typical, Yet Fun said...

To all those who enjoy my "reasons for going to hell", Kristin and Viv, it's nice to know that I shall at least have some good company.

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